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Floor Buffing, Polishing & Waxing in Naples, FL

We all know that high traffic areas are prone to dirt and grime. Buildup can cause scratches, nicks and damage your floors. This can permanently give your beautiful floor a less thank outstanding look. Although hard surface floors can be extremely durable, they require floor buffing, polishing and waxing to preserve their durability and shine. With our customized commercial floor maintenance programs, we can protect your floors, and keep them looking like new for years.

Our floor buffing and waxing services include:

  • Removing old floor sealer and finish
  • Thoroughly cleaning of the hard floor surface
  • Application of a high quality sealer and professional grade floor finish
  • Finish by buffing the floor to a deep, high shine

Finishing your floor by buffing to a high gloss will extend the wear of your floor and reduce scuff marks to guard against soil penetration, scratches and other abrasions.

Our floor cleaning methods, floor care techniques, and commercial grade floor waxes will exceed your high standards of cleanliness and floor appearance. By providing specialized floor cleaning services that are unique to your floor and needs, we can restore the look of your floor surfaces and make your floors appear and shine as new. Our commercial floor cleaning services can be scheduled night or day which gives our clients flexibility that they need with little or no interruption to their business activity.

Complete list of floor cleaning services:

  • Floor stripping and waxing
  • Floor scrubbing and recoating
  • Floor polishing
  • Floor buffing and burnishing
  • Floor restoration
  • Floor stripping and cleaning of baseboards
  • Specialized floor maintenance program

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